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However as the prices of Lindstrm machines were anything up to eighty per cent cheaper than those of the Gramophone Company, the extent of German and Swiss domination of the British and Russian record player trade must have been phenomenal." What I have been able to get so far are: one cylinder phonograph, one spring-driven table-top gramophone, one portable and two 'cameraphones'. The machines lid has the top works attached and it is closed by turning it upside down (I understand this is common for French machines). It also came with the original box for the reproducer. A generally-accepted identifying feature of Thorens phonographs is the harp-shaped end piece.

And the opriginal horn and this is ready to be wound by a right-handed person and played. A video of the above Cleopatra playing "La Marseillaise" is here.

I have included links to pages with some great pictures of these older machines.

Courtesy of the City of London Phonograph and Gramophone Society, I have copies of portions of three Thorens catalogs--1907, 1910 (although the machines seem more primitive than the 1907s) and 1914--they were bundled into one volume in 1967.

These were available in black (wooden horn, with mica diaphragms--example from Adrian Smith is here) one source below suggests 1928 and in various colours (and with metal horns and diaphragms) from 1942 to 1947 (one source mentions 1935) (which gives a date to my green one below--here is picture of all colours except the grey of mine below).

With it is a Kodak camera of the style it was made to mimic (A Toronto-made No.

All known existing versions of this machine are labelled for a London firm of Brown Brothers and was originally sold throughout the UK. The naked wood on the left is a modification someone has since made to help guide the crank handle.

Note how the stain was not applied where we wouldn't see.

The reproducer has the same anchors so we can assume it was also branded for Thorens--it is marked 'made in Switzerland' (I make this point as some machines of this vintage will have parts from various manufacturers 'thrown' together.) The person who sold this machine to me knew I was interested in the company's history, so he also gave me a letter that was sent to the person who owned it before.

[He became known as] the "Inventor of the music box".

Sainte-Croix became the world capital of mechanical music..


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  3. The History of Thorens Through My "Collection". Particularly ornate music boxes commissioned and imported from India by Fred Zimbalist a relative of Efram.

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