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Timeshare companies have people commenting all over the place, especially on TUG (Timeshare Users Group).

All they do is try to scare people out of trying to get rid of their timeshares!

They are tying to get them to pay money up front and claim they will take over the timeshare and maintenance fees. Now Property Relief is asking us to send 9.00 to a company called Nevada National Advertising Inc.

to pay for a attorney to get our name off the deed.

Is this a legitimate company or are we being scammed?

You may want to research the company by checking with your State Attorney General or of the state where the company is located.

If you have sent them any $ or had any contacts with them, would you mind sharing.

I sent them money in April and nothing but "we're working on it" so far.

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I am taking this evidence to our Attorney General, hoping they can put some pressure on Mexico to deal with the many travel service scams coming out of Mexico. We are in talks with our credit card provided to file the scam issue but we are unsure how the contract will have to be void and null since it's all fraud. He insists the buyback is lagitamate and wants to recharge my mastercard. Is this a timeshare developer's site where the only information given on any company that helps timeshare owners out of the timeshares is considered a scam?I asked Patel about that, and he said it was two individuals who acted on their own inappropriately and are no longer with the company. How can I be so stupid, don't trust these losersand I hope the Federal Exchange or Feds does some thing terminal to these losers!My grandparents are being contacted by Interval Relief in Doral, FL telling them they will be locked into paying their timeshare maintenance fees for life--even if they sell the units. We have been trying to get our name off the deed to our timeshare and went thru a company called Time Share Relief, after a year and a half the company was bought out by Property Relief. The second company failed to pay our maintenance fee, so we had to pay 5.00 to the resort to keep from being sent to a collection agency.He got out AND got a refund from the resort in Mexico. They have awesome reviews on the BBB They even won a lawsuit against Wyndham resorts: Get your facts straight and actually do some homework people, because blasting legitimate companies that help people, only keeps more people stuck. all of their numbers are disconnected and emails are no longer valid, and BBB has removed them do to reports. They too take your money and you hear nothing further and there is no refund from timeshare investments given back. I was suppose to have the closing yesterday and their phones all filled with voice messages both Pat Fitzergald (785-783-0568) and Carlos Miller and Mr.I am also in conversation with ALpha Services (Mike Patel) and Trust Co. IIt sounds a lot like the mexico bank wire scams I read about on line - and one case that mentions Alpha servies specifically. Ross probably not their reall names (803-591-9072).And after signing a "contract" with them I have to pay a Mexico tax upfront and then get reimbursed at the "closing." And, if we don't pay the upfront fee, that they have already put our timeshare in an escrow and will keep it or sell it on us.Are they legitimate companies or are we being scammed? I am sure that they are requesting the money be sent by wire transfer to an account with a Mexican bank.The imposters tell people they are entitled to refunds as part of cases brought by the FTC against companies that engaged in timeshare resale fraud.People are told they must pay several hundred dollars in “court costs,” “processing fees” or “filing fees” to get their refunds. The FTC never requires consumers to pay money to get a refund. They used Elite Equity Transfers to transfer my existing timeshare in Maui. The original purchased was paid by RCI (Barclaycard) which account was opened on the spot at Cabo Viejo.Tickets for Super Bowl 50 on the online ticket exchange Stub Hub start at ,800 and go up (and up and up and up) from there.If you want to see the golden anniversary Super Bowl, you better be ready to pull out your checkbook.


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