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So no, I don’t want to rush anything either, so it baffles me that by asking how he is by text, I am coming across as too keen…So even when I’m not playing a game and just being me, I forget the others may still be playing a game and little things like a text can be a make or break thing.Is that really what we have got to in the current dating climate?When a guy likes me, I’ve always known because they have been in touch often after dates as they are thinking of me and want to see how I’m doing, and his response to this was that he wanted to take things slow.I completely understand that, after being a mum to my boy by myself for nearly two and a half years, I am pretty petrified to care about someone else again if I’m honest.Jessica Seinfeld's charity Baby Buggy was the charity that is reaping Pampers benefit. I ran in traffic while I was training for the marathon.I wish I had their book to read while I was pregnant. It was amazing to see all the small communities in New York.After coming back from the A-List Awards on the redeye, I was filmed for the Thread, which appears on Apparently everyone is curious about what I wear on the show.

I will always stay true to me, and what you see is what you get.

I spent most of my late teens and my early twenties living by the motto: Hate The Playa Not The Game.

I LOVED the dating game because I loved the hunt, well more specifically, I loved being hunted.

Max and I have gone out since the summer, and I love spending time with him. First of all, I have children, and I don't want to expose them to just anyone. He also made the Victoria's Secret million-dollar diamond bra. He takes chances with new talent and pushes them like crazy. I am grateful that he is taking a chance with me to expand my costume jewelry brand. I took Pocahontas out of the kayak and put her in the disco. If you feel good and have a smile on your face while you are wearing one of my pieces, then I have done my job. You can read all about how I trained and the neuroblastoma fund in my column for Page Six magazine on

I meet a lot of men who just want to piggyback on my life that I have worked so hard to create. Don't forget to check out my product at the Bravo Shop.


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