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Danner, now 72, filmed the episode, “Etude in Black,” in 1972 – the same year Gwyneth was born. Other images from the same episode show the same uncanny resemblance between Danner and her daughter.

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He was always curious and informing people about so many things. I thought I would like to see the number of these cancers come down. All of my effort went into putting one foot in front of the other and carrying on.

Acclaimed actress Blythe Danner was devasted when she lost her husband of 33 years producer Bruce Paltrow in 2002 from oral cancer in Italy while celebrating their daughter Gwyneth Paltrow's 30th birthday. If we believe the sources, Blythe Danner is single at the moment. Oh...' It's still very strange." "I just don't have the desire to." It would be great to have somebody fall from the sky and be perfect but I am just not searching for that.

As it been sixteen years since Blythe lost her partner, has she been able to move on? Well, yes the "He was the life force of the family, so it's been a real loss. I have a full life I have four wonderful grandchildren and I have been so fortunate in the last three years when I have more than I have worked in years…

And I have an unusual name too, so we're just perpetuating that tradition.

But when Paltrow stumbled on the image Thursday on Instagram, she did a double-take – and reposted it on her own Instagram page.


  1. Filmmaker Bruce Paltrow died in 2002 and Danner admits she has shied away from finding another partner after spending 33 years with the same man, so she was anxious.

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