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I’ve watched friends go through the whole cycle of trying out Tealit, visiting bars, doing language exchanges – all the while sharing recommendations and tactics with each other…My other impression is that we foreigners have very little to do here in Taiwan, which creates this drinking, going to the gym and looking for girls culture.But, at this late stage, most foreign men have been swallowed whole by the myth, and so reality no longer matters.A bar with four “hot” Taiwanese girls and fifteen white guys crowded around them is still a great bar, even though at home, you’d move on immediately; a girl that back in London, you wouldn’t pay much attention to, now is incredibly interesting, because you’ve decided that all girls in Carniege’s must be beautiful and because you’re embarrassed that you haven’t had any luck in three weeks.The Western men I’ve met here who are married to Taiwanese women rarely talk about how easy it is.Oh – perhaps she’s just about needing to get married, about looking after her parents and so on… And of course, realising all this, many Western men in Taiwan begin the new quest: for the Taiwanese girl who isn’t like other Taiwanese girls.

Western guys trade stories of the “Psycho Xiao Jie” (who sends 500 text messages a day, and is also sleeping with two of your neighbours), but this kind of woman sounds quite different to the kinds of Taiwanese woman that I’ve met via teaching or through friends.So if you are a guy and visiting this part of the world, here is what you can expect of women from Taiwan.TIP: This website has many Taiwanese women looking for wealthy men to date.A common sight, after all, is the “Tai-ke” couple: the slim girlfriend in heels and mini-skirt, the chubby boyfriend in a loose t-shirt and flip-flops.Is part of why women seem eager to date you not just because you’re a Westerner, but that social pressure makes it hard for women here to be single and content?Attractive in a cute kind of way Women in Taiwan share attractive physical traits like smooth skin and shiny, straight black hair with most other Southeast Asian women.However Taiwanese women are beautiful in a cute sort of way and seem to fit the “Hello Kitty” mould.We are on the periphery of this society, and our lack of assimilation forces us into the places that are set up for us.Although we talk about “getting into the culture”, I invariably encounter most foreigners in foreigner-friendly spots: Wellcome supermarkets, Grandma Nitti’s, Svenson’s…Despite the dispute on the political status of Taiwan, it has a thriving economy and vibrant culture.These are also the qualities which make a social life in Taiwan quite exciting.


  1. Jul 9, 2012. Nationalism and Girls who Date Westerners in Taiwan 跟外國人交往的台灣女生. „In Taiwan, the term ‚foreigners' is always suggesting Westerners. Taiwanese men who date Western girls are seen in a much more positive light than their female counterparts – and Western girls, it could be argued that.

  2. May 10, 2016. The most striking thing about expat culture in Taiwan is the many relationships between Western men and Taiwanese women, in contrast to the other way around–Western women with Taiwanese men. This dynamic isn't unique to Taiwan, but it's a reality that's hard to ignore on an island this small. So rare.

  3. Mar 17, 2007. The more typical Taiwanese woman seems to date a total of three men through her teens and twenties, and aims to get married before she's thirty, so, for a woman like this, dating an English teacher will be a big mistake he will soon leave Taiwan. There does seem to be a group of women who only want.

  4. Dec 23, 2015. I have to explain some situations around foreign guys and Taiwanese women, I will keep to fair to both. In Taiwan, I know most of women are actively to meet foreigners; because I am, too. So I've pretty much gone out with western women unless it's like a friends with benefit or one night kind of thing.

  5. These are also the qualities which make a social life in Taiwan quite exciting. So if you are a guy and visiting this part of the world, here is what you can expect of women from Taiwan. TIP This website has many Taiwanese women looking for wealthy men to date. Attractive in a cute kind of way. Women in Taiwan share.

  6. Jun 3, 2016. Unlike many Western women, they are selfless and attentive once you have gained their trust as a boyfriend, and they tend to have a generally. So if you're planning a trip to Taiwan or are merely considering dating Taiwanese girls as you start your search for a good girlfriend or wife, remember these tips.

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