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Updating xampp

Support for XAMPP is limited to the community forums and a brief FAQ at the Apache Friends website.If you search for “update XAMPP” what you’ll find is a smattering of hits at the XAMPP forum and Stack Overflow offering suggestions ranging from “just install the new version over the older one” (please don’t try this!Firstly, download and install the latest version of XAMPP in a new installation folder.

I want to do this to make sure security updates will work with the software I'm using.

However, if you’re using the XAMPP’s Tomcat server for Java development, all bets are off.

The software update process will be the same, but you’ll need to take steps to ensure you don’t lose any website data in the process.

While option one may sound like the easier option, the downside is that since you’ll be working with a larger file you are more likely to run into issues when importing your databases into your new XAMPP installation.

I’ve used both methods, and I usually recommend going with option two.


  1. Learn how to upgrade XAMPP for Windows to a new version in few steps.

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