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How can I make sure that it will use my profile, and how can I stop it from updating to 2.46 automatically. -- Ken Rudolph The reload and re-install of 2.40 worked, and everything is working OK again.I still don't know how to stop the automatic updating to 2.46 which I don't want to do until I know it works (maybe the next update? Is a bug report still requested even if the bug is known (like 2.46 not working on Win XP sp3 and older Intel processors) and a future 'fix' is supposedly in the works???The max Version issue has been solved for 2.34 and higher, the core if this (langpacks not being updated because they're not on AMO) persists, though, and needs to be solved on the level of Sea Monkey releng (and possibly AMO).As bug 556564 comment #11 and later mention, we're still using version 1 of the AUS update URL scheme, but need to switch to at least version 2 (in 2.0.x!Extensions might get disabled but from tests reenabling them again worked. And Sea Monkey is not Fx or I would probably looking for another browser :) FRG Desiree wrote: Can you clarify what operating system you're running 2.40 on? But I haven't checked back here for a few days since the reload of SM 2.40 worked fine and I haven't had any problems since. 2.47 is released since I don't have automatic updates anymore. I have not had problems with extensions, and most of mine have been converted or tweaked to install into Sea Monkey.I suppose I should try to update at that time for security purposes etc. I also have a habit of changing the max version for Sea Monkey in to 3.0 to stop the add-on from being marked incompatible.The current members of the core team (count up to 7) are committed but, with all the changes, are getting slowly overwhelmed.

) or something in your profile is broken (tried temporarily a new profile? Restore your profile from the last backup prior to installing 2.46. Signing requirements are turned off but still some checks for sideloaded apps are done. I prefer to get the new installer and install manually.

1) Install en-US version of Seamonkey system-wide 2) Install langpack from download page 3) Switch to new language and restart SM 4) New version is released.

SM downloads update and asks for running installer 5) Installer runs, downloads and applies update, checks for new version of addons.

Fixing this often requires using safe mode with disabling addons.

Expected results: For step 5 I'd expect for installer to find newer version of installed langpacks so at step 6 I'll get fully working localized browser.


  1. Solved Since yesterday I'm unable to access my mail in Sea Monkey. I get a screen about updating my browser can't insert pic here, the system doesn't allow me.

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  3. Jun 29, 2011. Update K-Meleon To Use Seamonkey's Latest GRE. Mozilla Foundation release new versions of its GREGecko Runtime Environment and new versions of their browser products which fix newly found security holes. As K-Meleon v1.x is based on the v1.8.1.x GRE and does not get updated often, the.

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