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Updating roxio emc 9 to work with vista

To disable the process, follow these steps: Plug & Burn does not support high definition video devices.

Plug & Burn does not support high definition video cameras or other high definition video devices.

However, if you do, the menu thumbnail is not updated.

For example, if you use Edit Movie to add an overlay or a video effect to a movie, the change does not appear in the thumbnail.

This error occurs if your Graphics card supports Direct X Video Acceleration of WMV content, and your Windows Media Player software is not up-to-date.

To make sure that your Windows Media Player software (version 10), is up-to-date, follow these steps: Matrox Millennium G550 graphics card is not supported.

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In Plug & Burn, when a capture is cancelled, the resulting disc cannot be used to burn other projects.Due to the limited capabilities of this card, it is not supported for this application.Using this graphics card with My DVD will cause undesirable results.If you click Capture Now when the end of the tape is reached on the DV camera, capture appears to continue indefinitely, with no video actually captured, or the following error is displayed: Error "Operation "On Burn Error" error: last sate 1, error code -2147200497.To avoid this problem, do not click Capture Now at end of tape."Select video device failed" or "Operation 'Build'..." error occurs.Plug & Burn cannot capture from some video devices if the eh Recvr process is enabled.If your video card supports Hardware mode, the installation process automatically sets the mode to Hardware; if it does not, the installation process sets the mode to Software.If the installation process set the mode to Software, do not change it to Hardware.To resolve this problem, apply a font that supports the appropriate character type.Narration controls are disabled if no recording device is attached to the computer The buttons and boxes on the Narration dialog are grayed out if no recording device (such as a microphone) is attached to the computer.


  1. Just got Windows 7 and my Roxio Easy Media Creator 9 XE software won't load. Since Roxio does not support this software anymore, can someone tell

  2. Roxio support options ; Known issues. MyDVD may fail to launch on a computer running Windows Vista. Blue Screen or Crash occurs while working with Windows.

  3. This Easy Media Creator 9.1 update does not offer any new features except for Windows Vista. work for your version of Creator 9. About This Software.

  4. Buy Roxio Easy Media Creator 9 Suite. I Can't get Roxio Easy Media Creator 8 or 9 to work with Vista Ultimate. Roxio EMC 7.5 works a like a dream.

  5. Recommended For updating all Roxio drivers, use Driver Manager. It has a database of over 26 million drivers and can identify Roxio devices and almost any other.

  6. I have purchased and attempted for two weeks to install EMC 9 on a Win Vista computer w/2GB Ram, 256 meg video card, AMD 64X2 3800 processor and decent.

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