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Updating real time data Jasminesex live chat online

Finally, you’ll need to change the name of the Firebase account that the app communicates with by swapping out Before going to production, we really do need to add an additional layer of security to the app.Without it, users with knowledge of how Firebase works could tamper with the application and create and delete statuses belonging to other users.However, the nice thing is that we have very descriptive custom HTML tags that help us get a sense of what each element is for.We’re making use of Angular Material’s tabs for the login/registration page.If you’ve spent any time with Angular JS then you’ll likely be familiar with Firebase—a realtime data store that makes it very easy to save and sync data across any platform.Firebase provides an Angular JS binding for its platform called Angular Fire which makes using the Firebase API even easier.Fortunately we can get around this quite easily by creating an endpoint dedicated solely to users and their data which can then be accessed across our app.To get us started, let’s create a new service that will be responsible for handling data storage related to users.

The final thing we’ll want to do here is give the logged-in user the ability to delete their own statuses.Alternatively, you may create your own Firebase account and change up the references to in the code to point to it.To do so, see the section Adding Your Own Firebase Account at the end of the article. lets us clear the user input and redirect them to the main status page if their login was successful.This tutorial will assume that you’re familiar with Angular JS and that you have a cursory understanding of what Firebase is and how it works.As ever, the code for this tutorial can be found on Git Hub.In this tutorial we will be creating a simple status update app that will let us see how Angular JS and Firebase interact.For the UI, we’ll use Angular Material which is the Angular JS implementation of Google’s Material Design and comes with a large set of great UI components.The configuration block is where we’ll setup the rules for UI Router to handle our different states.To make this happen we need to pass the configuration function Our app is going to need to be able to register and authenticate users and fortunately for us, Firebase provides an easy to use, hosted solution for authentication.To do so, we can use the Getting your own Firebase account working with the status application is very easy.You’ll first need to sign up for Firebase which will give you access to the free starter tier.


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