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Updating outdated wood trim

However, I did remove the trim and sand it in the living room/dining room area because I knew it would get the most wear and tear.Sanding AND priming your trim will give you the most durable results, but I've found that priming alone works well enough for me.I use white paint, and my caulk is white, so it works.All I do is use my caulk gun to run a small line of caulk between the wall and the trim. Frankly, I find a paper towel and my finger to work just as well. I've done most of my house like this and nobody has ever been the wiser.So, if you are truly wanting to ‘update’, then you’ll want to restain with a darker, more modern stain colour OR neutralize it with a lighter, more natural stain that doesn’t have the orange/yellow tone.Realistically, most homeowners (if you have resale in mind) are looking for a more subtle look that is offered by maple, cherry, espresso or painted cabinets.It will give you adhesion fairly comparable to sanding in most instances if used correctly.For most of my trim, I've used Behr ultra white in a semi gloss finish.

So, I just leave the tape in place until I'm completely done.On the areas of the house where I did sand the trim first before priming, I use this sander (Amazon affiliate link)Tape off all the areas you don't want to get paint on before you prime.If I'm painting my trim and walls at the same time, I only tape off the carpet.Most people would suggest caulking first (and rightly so), so you should probably do that.However, if I'm being honest, I usually just do it after I've painted.Here is an example of what I mean in the below picture.I had already painted the trim and was starting to paint the walls.Now remember, in my high traffic areas, I spent nearly 8 million hours removing all of my trim and then painting it outside and making it perfect. Turns out, just taping off my carpet and then smoothing out the majority of the trim with a roller renders really similar results.Caulking is key when it comes to making your paint job look professional.You can see that I taped below the trim by the carpet, and then came back after the trim was dry and cut in with my brush to paint the walls.When everything is done, I use an exacto knife to help remove the tape.


  1. How To Paint Wood Trim White. House RemodelingRemodeling IdeasBedroom RemodelingFrugal TipsPainting Trim TipsHow To Paint TrimPainting Wood TrimHouse PaintingDiy Home Decor. How to paint your old outdated trim white. An easy, frugal, DIY you CAN do yourself! Update your home with our tips!

  2. Gets rid of our over load of wood trim and base boards and will be good cover up for the nicks and holes in existing. Until we upgrade. Trim - Teal and Lime. Update old wood window trim for a clean updated look. dark and dated room. Read to see what colors we used, and how to paint wood trim to update trim.

  3. Dec 6, 2017. Our new home has a lot of wood trim. plus a lot of dark wood in general. I am not a fan of it and would prefer to paint it all white. My husband is 100% against that. I realized I would be much happier with wood trim that looked better. I just don't know what "better" is. color? style? What c.

  4. Jul 20, 2010. Do you have old, outdated orange shellac wood trim? I'm so happy I have been updating wood trim in my home with a few coats of fresh white paint. The white wood trim gives a much cleaner look to the room along with spray painting old heat vents and covers.

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