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Updating maps on garmin nuvi 660 speed dating long beach ny

Send Maps to GPS with Mapsource/Basecmap: tutorials/send-maps-to-your-gps/mapsource/ I recommend to allways send maps to an external data card and not internal memory.(this way if something goes wrong, or maps would be damaged you run less danger of wrecking your GPS).a way crosses another on a brigde, here no connecting node is the right solution).- If you use- Windows 2000 you may need to install the "reg" command : Reg cmd at Microsoft.

Send maps to GPS with mkgmap (for Unix users): tutorials/send-maps-to-your-gps/mkgmap/Mapsource Error / debug Mapsource: Solve with Mapsource Fix Or with Mapset Toolkit Please also read the FAQOn installation you can choose the layout of the maps.

You only get an e-mail when there are changes besides a simple map data update.

Map updates are usually every Thursday night / Friday morning.

Besides being shown on (nearly) all Garmin GPS devices - most People will use Garmin Basecamp (v4 or later) or Garmin Mapsource 6.16.3 to show the maps on their Desktop and plan tours/trips.

For anyone on the good side of earth AKA Linux - maps are also correctly shown in Qlandkarte_GT - QLandkarte_GT is compatible with all big OS (Linux, Mac OSx and well Windows too).


  1. Non Unicode Premium Maps. In general just download the Maps from the first "OpenMTBMap" tab - they are in Unicode if useful. Some maps by default are in Unicode.

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