Updating bios benefit

top It is important to update the firmware (Also called - flashing the ROM) as part of regular server maintenance.In addition, checking for specific firmware updates in between regular updates helps to keep the server performing optimally.HPE has developed several methods for updating the firmware in a Pro Liant server and makes it easy to do so.HPE ISS Engineering emphasizes the importance of regular firmware updates to ensure that a Pro Liant server is running optimally, making the system and its data less vulnerable to critical hardware and software events. When referring to the firmware on the system board of the server, it is called the System ROM or the BIOS.

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Your motherboard, the very backbone of your PC, needs the BIOS to start up the drives in the PC every time you turn on the power switch.

In addition, it is beneficial to check for firmware updates for any options that may have been in customer stock but are not deployed until later.

This ensures that all server components are running the latest firmware versions.

For instance, your old BIOS may not be able to recognize many newer drives, but once the instructions are updated, it will often be able to work with those without a hitch.

Besides, you will get many other benefits as well, which include: Sounds all good, right?


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