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If they have improperly fallen away from them because of the circumstances of time or personage, let them take pains to return to their ancestral ways. " Besides our Sunday hours, we are happy to serve you at other times by appointment. Think of us for Wedding Icons, gifts for Baptism, Solemn Communion, birthdays, anniversaries and celebrations of every sort and especially if you are setting up a "prayer corner" in your home or workplace. You can submit deceased the names of your family members to the Parish.It is not a new program or a single action or a number of actions."It is the mind of the Catholic Church that each individual Church or rite retain its traditions whole entire, while adjusting its way of life to the various needs of time and place." "All clerics and those aspiring to sacred orders should be well instructed in the various rites.Indeed, as part of their catechetical education, the laity too, should be taught about these rites." "All Eastern rite members should know and be convinced that they can and should always preserve their lawful liturgical rites and their established way of life, and that these should not be altered accept by way of appropriate and organic development. Signed up for the sake of communication , never tried it meets on the Internet , but all you need to ..

· Sorokousty Service – This service allows us to pray together to commemorate the deceased of the Parish Fridays during Lent.in what we do with our blessings from the heart as a faith response.Stewardship is giving of the first fruits of our time, talent, and treasure.It is the personal conversion and renewal of one’s heart and mind, i.e.living the Eucharist day by day with gratitude and love in an entire life.There will only be order pickups on that day from AM to Noon.Order forms are available at the back of the church, in the Parish Office and on line at St. Forms are to be completed and returned to the Parish Office, 550 West 14th Avenue, no later than March 14, 2018. To ensure you are not disappointed, NO ORDERS WILL BE ACCEPTED AFTER MARCH 14, 2018 – please submit your orders as soon as possible. UCWLC EASTER ORDER 2018 Sunday, February 11: – UCWLC PANCAKE BREAKFAST. During Great Lent we will celebrate: • Divine Liturgy and the Sorokousty Service (praying for our deceased family members and friends) on Fridays at PM in church. 16, at PM – Memorial Divine Liturgy and Sorokousty ——– Rosary in Chapel at 10 AM on Sundays.Stewardship of time involves first our time spent with God in prayer and sacrament, then the time spent in service to others inspired and guided by the Holy Spirit.Stewardship of talent is sharing God’s unique gifts bestowed on us.It is our loving response to God’s appointed calling to do HIS will, to proclaim the Good News of Salvation, to heal the afflicted, to feed the hungry, to care for one another, to give full life just as Jesus did.Stewardship of treasure is taking care of and sharing our blessings, i.e.


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