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Turn off screen updating in excel

Screen Updating = False ' open the source workbook as Read Only Set Source WB = Workbooks.

Open("E:\TPC Templates\Joes Excel Templates\Databases\Allowance database.xls", _ False, True) User Sheet = Allowance DBList Box. List(lng Index, 4)), "$#,##0.00")) Next End With Source WB.

If this is a problem for you, it won’t hurt to try them.

• Do a quick repair of the Office programs () to see if anything looks dicey.

That’s not a terrible workaround but I still run into this bug nearly every day when I forget.

This bug only affects a small number of people, but it’s an interesting one because it’s been a problem for almost a year and there’s still no clear understanding of what’s going on.

It happens on Windows 10 computers running Excel 2013 or Excel 2016. XLSX spreadsheet file is followed by a 30-60 second delay before the Excel logo appears and the spreadsheet loads normally. • There is no delay if Excel is already running when you double-click the file. People have sniffed with Process Explorer and Task Manager and looked at memory use and there is zero indication that anything is proceeding under the hood.

Normally, Excel will recalculate a cell or a range of cells when that cell's or range's precedents have changed.

This may cause your workbook to recalculate too often, which will slow down performance.


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