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This guys name is Scott Jackson and his daughters name is Karina.

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Have you given presents, money or property to a Tunisian man? Has a Tunisian man lied to you, cheated on you or stolen from you? I first visited Tunisia in March 2005, with my Mum as she fancied going there.Halpern: That was Donna Gregory of the FBI’s Internet Crime Complaint Center, or IC3, which saw more than million in victim losses in the last six months of 2014.Females suffered 82 percent of the losses; males sustained the remaining 18 percent.He sent me pictures and even had his daughter and I emailing each other.He asked me to send money to his daughter because he did not have his check book with him and I told him no that I did not have the money.Both the amount of losses and number of complaints of the crime considerably increased over recent years, despite being classified differently.Anyone is susceptible to this emotional-based crime…Mollie Halpern: Romance scams, also known as confidence scams, result in the highest amount of financial losses when compared to other Internet-facilitated crimes.Donna Gregory: The average complainant loses over a hundred thousand dollars.Well the check was drawn on a canadian account and had to go to collections....thank god.He wanted me to go to the bank and get half of the money to send to his daughter and I told him the bank would not give me any money until the check cleared.


  1. Scam Letters from Elena Volkova to Amir Tunisia Letter 1 Hi Amir. I am glad again to receive your message,day by day We begin to know each other better and it is.

  2. Taking Action for You Facebook Romance Scam dgrove81. Loading. 10 Most Horrifying Real Online Dating Scams - Duration. Unreal-Lists 127,522 views.

  3. Yet, I feel compelled to tell my story so that I may save even ne mor woman women falling for these scams. The Mentality of the Tunisian Man.

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