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And then the time a personal trainer told me that he knows a guy who is an accountant connected with Madonna, and that Madonna and Guy used to have sex with other men on occasion. Or when someone in LA who worked at a larger pr firm told me that he "thought" he saw Mc Bongo making the moves on a male model in Milan.

What does it take for gossip to actually take hold and reveal itself for truth or "fan fiction"? If so, who controls it and why not provide evidence for some of these celebrity secrets.

I've seen Chace in gossip rags together with more guys than girls.

I actually don't remember seeing him with a girl, EVER, not even any dating rumors. He doesn't seem to beard either (well, not yet anyway). Dear OPMy idea of eternal damnation would be attending a dinner party with you and your friends.

I interpret this as: INSATIABLE BOTTOM and SIZE QUEEN. An experience to help us all keep these rumors in perspective: I was for a time close friends with a famous guy who was totally straight as far as I know..we were inebriated together in the company of hot guys many times and he showed no inclination. Anyway, when I moved to LA, some of my new friends immediately started telling me, oh yeah, we know him; he's definitely gay.I would pay good money to see Chace Crawford fucking Thomas Roberts.NOT Anderson Cooper, however - he's a ferretface.sorry for the repeat posts, but guys, I've been to Morocco several times. Go to Casblanca, Rabat--you can find all sorts of homo activity. You people that think the middle east is some sort of illegal homo land better think again.Everybody knows that Moroccan boys are horse hung and uncut tops. And they started recounting situations where my friend was getting it on with random guys in the steam room of the LA gym he supposed attended daily.Here's the problem: he didn't live in LA, and only rarely visited there, and when he did he was working and didn't have time to go to any gym. But to this day, those LA gays remain convinced they know "for sure" he's gay.I think both guys are gay and don't really bother hiding it all that much.[quote] I would pay good money to see Chace Crawford fucking Thomas Roberts. People who still believe in a celebrity's public image and the stuff he or she says in interviews are seriously deluded.A skank like Shauna Sand would claim she rode Ghandi's corpse to climax for a cover story in a magazine. Kellan Lutz will be whatever you want him to be as long as he can keep getting paid for the garbage he churns out. In a recent Entertainment Weekly Q&A, he said he loves golf.Illegal it might be, punishable by death it might be but it sure as hell goes on. R24, Blake Lively, GOSSIP GIRL actress, was the woman who was photographed with Chace Crawford at the beach house in Miami in January 2010. Quite a few of the cast members were there for Super Bowl weekend."Considering one is gay." Are you implying that Zac Efron who is "in a relationship with" a fellow Disney employee (who sends naked photos of herself to other guys but not her "boyfriend")that even the press questions is straight? He was fucking Shawna Sands when he was an unknown college student.Do you ever read abut the boys and men that follow the U soldiers in Afghanistan? That doesn't make the rest of your post seem all that credible. Thomas doesn't get discussed here enough to qualify as "oft-mentioned", and outside of the gay community hardly anyone even knows his name so "popular" would be a real stretch. But, I get it, he's a pretty boy and you guys won't stop. You'll wait until his career gets cold before finally admitting that all gossip points to his being straight.As for the Ed Westwick thing, they were just roomies and the rumour is Chace had to move out becuz Chace caught Ed in bed with a tranny.Chace being the straight and homophobic jerk, moved out becuz he was probably too groosed out. Morocco criminalizes lewd or unnatural acts with an individual of the same sex.


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