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Tanzania immigrant and dating

They estimate that another 15,000 children will end up in foster care in the next five years because of immigration enforcement.

A 2011 report from the Applied Research Center found that more than 5,000 children living in foster care had parents who had been detained or deported from the United States.Immigrant women are at the forefront of advocacy to fix our nation’s broken immigration system, and they also play an important role in our society and economy.All too often, however, media portrayals of immigrants feature a single Hispanic male without status. Until the 1960s immigrant men outnumbered immigrant women.In 2010 immigrant women comprised 40 percent of all immigrant business owners and 20 percent of women business owners in general.These women are now more likely to own their own business than American-born women—9 percent to 6.5 percent, respectively. Immigration enforcement is taking its toll on immigrant families.As our nation’s leaders begin drafting their immigration reform proposals, and on this International Women’s Day on which we collectively call for women’s advancement, here are the top 10 facts you must know about immigrant women. Approximately 45 percent of undocumented immigrants and 34 percent of legal immigrants live in families comprised of couples and children, while only 21 percent of native-born Americans live in families. Immigrant women—similar to most women—make enormous sacrifices for their families.New America Media found that only 13 percent of immigrant women work as professionals in the United States, even though 32 percent of them worked as such in their home country.I would prefer to date someone from the same country as me.It’s just easier.” Bridgette (25) Congolese “I don’t mind as long as I am happy and loved, that is all that matters.” Dora (28), Zimbabwe Immerse within your own culture What I found was that those who immersed themselves exclusively in their own culture (i.e mono-cultural churches, parties, gatherings) – even if they lived in a very mixed society abroad – were the ones who were adamant that it was easier and preferable to date within their own culture.As one uncle put it to me [I’m Congolese], “If you married a Nigerian, how would you cope if he wanted to retire in Nigeria? Could we really say that relationships would be easier if we were with someone of the same origin? If you’re going to marry a foreigner, marry a white man.” These were the words that fell from my friend’s mother’s mouth when her daughter told her she was dating a Nigerian man because she was tired of Congolese men. ”, said my friend in response, defiantly challenging her mother, to my dismay (anybody knows better than to challenge an African mother! White people “White people don’t have much culture; it’s easy to adapt either way. Was it really for our own good to find our life partners within our own culture?


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