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Now you're doing Liar Games, good luck good luck ... Hope that u will be more sucessful & happier in the future. Lee sang yoon you're my inspiration love you're character in Angel eyes You're character in angel eyes is amazing I feel the love and warmth you're characters as park dong joo simply inspires me mostly the love they share with yoon so wan I never watch korean dramas before but angel eye melodrama open my eyes to the beauty and art of Korean drama it is the best and has a heart filled drama I can't get over it.

He has displayed his unparalleled acting in angel eyes and liar game which i have to say, the two of the must see Korean drama of 2014 . I already finished watching AE but still keep watching it because i like you and Goo Hyesun. Hope to see you both do another project in the near future. So amazing cause i can see on ur diferent roles at same time. I shall cancel all the appointments I have just to have the chance of seeing him in person. You have the most handsome and versatile actor Lee Sang Yoon. I heard comments that's on line that SO NOT TRUE and OUT TO HURT THAT PERSON. THIS IS MY COMMENT.) It's great that Lee Sang Yoon's talent was found.

While watching Angel Eyes for a 2nd time, teaching responsibilities at the end of the year in Canada kept me from continuing to re-watch Yoon Ji-ryun's great series. Don't think I'm a crazy girl I like the chemistry of Lee Sang-Yoon and Kuh Hye Soon in the drama Angel Eyes. There’s only one scene when he really smile, then i realize how handsome this guy with his dimple… Angel eyes makes me happy,makes me cry Lee sang yoon you're the best continue to inspire and warm the hearts of the viewers What course did Lsy finish at Seoul? I never feel so good in watching telenovela except LSY movie. ur act is awesome....everytime my heart races da..u.soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo muuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuchhhhhhhhhh he's just simply amazing. it's like he can tell you anything just by looking at you without any further ado and when he smiles showing off those dimples it makes my knees tremble. HAVE YOU ALL EVER CONCEDER JUST HOW HARD IT IS TO ACT. THIS SCRIPT IS NOT FEASIBLE and she has to reflect what century is now? they really do a job as their role in this drama... I've cried with them, I laugh with them and of course get mad with them. Because I've watched it for the 5th time I sometimes fast forward to the good parts. Unlike BOF, I understood the story line all too well.

Kindly release another sets of drama for Lee SY and Kuh HS. Saw him in Liar Game first, where he act so cool and barely show his smile. Never forget his amazing acting with his beautiful smile in drama of seo-young, my daughter. am now looking forward to watch him again in lair game. This Korean drama angel eyes makes me glued to my ch Air when it is aired in tv I hope there is another angel eyes .. These are so supposed to be opposite characters and yet LSY awesomely does. i want to touch ur cheek once..u r tall n handsome.. I've stated from the start that I don't watch much MOVIES OR EVEN TV SHOWS, ESPECIALLY DRAMA.......... SIMPLE, here in the US, it's about SEX, DRINKING AND AFFAIRS!! THE RICH FALLING IN LOVE WITH THE POOR, BUT THE FAMILY IS AGAINST THE POOR. Do you know overall take them how many years to finish the course, its a great insult that such highly educated professionals married an uneducated wife, as they are first lover. I am watching Angel eyes for the 5th time this month. I especially can feel the warmth, passion and love when the songs are combined with certain scene. Wanting for KU HYE SUN and LEE SANG YOON to be real couple.

:( While life is a choice, and happiness is a sacrifice. But i mostly felt like i was drawn mostly to Senior beautiful dimples. ^_^ I maybe late but throughthis visionary piece Dylan Park wasnt just a character but apart of something much bigger.

stay healthy and happy after watching angel eyes i realized how great an actor is lee sang looking at his eyes i feel his really a good person on and off cam.i do wish to see him again in another drama with koo hye sun.luck and congratulations!!! Im ur Vietnam big fan girl I have watched angel's eyes for the nth time. I love the way you look and smile it feels like pure and filled with love ...

your acting in the angel eyes really touch my heart..

Professor Cha: We (me, Chantal & What's Her Name) think you should take a ballet class with No-Ra. Would like to see the actor's background in physics worked into the character (as that would help me get one of my students to watch the series). besides your busy schedule you have finish your college education. Please consider my suggestion, I would love to see both of them in a drama or in a comedy episode.

We (me, Chantal, and WHN) Was that Czechoslovakian you were speaking in episode 5 of Twnty Agn??? This time, I am struck by how good the younger male and female lead actors are. I played part of the episode with the basketball scene to my students : my female student indeed find Mr. I am struck by the power of the character of the mother, despite her death at the beginning of the series. I was referring to one of the scenes where Goyun po didn't want to look for Geun dandi cause he couldn't protect her from his MOTHER. I DON'T KNOW HER PERSONALLY OR EVEN SPOKE, TEXT WHAT HAVE YOU. I WAS SIMPLY CAPTIVATED WITH HER MOVIES, SHYNESS AND BEAUTY...... O:) That's is how RUMORS GET STARTED BY PUTING SHIT OUT THERE THAT'S NOT FREAKEN TRUE.

Reading the subtitles in English but wishing I could understand the dialogue. Also, as one who played basketball with brothers, I smiled when I saw the basketball on the desktop of the computer of the older Park Dong-joo. After having read the comments below, I cannot resist adding another of my own. I should've put Go yun po name rather then your name as well as Goo Hye Sun/Geun dandi. IS NOT BY NO MEANS COLLABORATING (as you put it) ANYTHING.


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