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This means the top row of function keys is replaced with a thin touchscreen where the keys can be customised for the application in use.

It’s a spectacular and useful way to make a laptop even more convenient to use.

Some of the Windows machines here have removable displays which turn them into tablets when there’s no keyboard hooked on.

Many Windows laptops have touchscreen displays; no Apple laptops do.

With a silver design, it runs Windows 10, has a 15.6-inch display and a huge amount of RAM (16GB) to ensure it’s super speedy.

There’s not only a hefty hard drive (1TB) but 256GB of fast SSD memory, too.

It’s about the best-looking laptop on the market and comes in four different colours: conventional silver, space grey (a super-cool darker shade), gold and rose gold.

Most laptops at this end of the scale have features like back-lit keyboards, making it much easier to type in a dimly lit room for instance, as well as plus-points like quick charging or extended battery life.

This from Apple – a brand which really does dominate the top-end of the market – is pricey but includes the brilliant Touch Bar.

Buy now The screen here is a 15-incher but the narrow bezel means the laptop is smaller, and therefore lighter and more portable than some.

Lots of memory, both active and storage, mean this is a powerful and quick laptop.


  1. Two-ball bearing. Dual ball bearings on the fan spindles ensure smooth running and long life and are designed to keep out dust. A quiet cooling solution, Two ball.

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  3. While budget laptops are fine for everyday mailing and browsing, their top-end, big budget cousins have considerably more features and functionality and can handle.

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