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That same year, the Knox Automobile Company of Springfield, Massachusetts produced its motorized fire engine. Such machines quickly became popular with fire departments everywhere. “With the Ottawa Fire Fighters In Bygone Days,” 7 March. “Labor To Take Keen Interest In Coming Vote,” 22 September. In the process, some were broken open and at least two detachments of firefighters went home “wobbly” and had to be replaced before the fire was extinguished.The first fire horses arrived in 1874 when the City acquired the steam engine with a vertical boiler from the Merryweather Company of Clapham, England for the huge sum at the time of ,953.2 Fire Station, 123 Lyon Street at Queen Street, 1880.Left to right: Richard Waggoner, Hugh Latimer, and Thomas Stanford.

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To “secure the utmost promptitude in the attendance of the different [fire] companies and water carriers at fires,” the City began to offer in the mid-1860s significant financial premiums to first responders.

purchased three motorized combination ladder and hose trucks.

A Horse-Drawn Hose Reel with 500 feet of hose wrapped around the axle in front of No.

reported the death of old “Bob,” a twenty-five year old horse. When the team was sold, only Bob was left, pensioned off in recognition of his many years of noble service to the City.

It was front page news as Bob wasn’t just any horse but was Ottawa’s last fire horse. In late 1928, the last two-horse team, also at service at No. His retirement to greener pastures was controversial.


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