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A lot of women are looking for something serious and have no interest in participating in your immature wager with friends.

He refused to accept it and continued to message me listing all the reasons why we’d be great together.” — Ashley, 30 The problem.solution: No matter how strongly you feel about your potential with a woman you meet online, accept the break-up gracefully.

Even though he displayed all of the ‘Loser’ behaviors preceding my discard, I believe that HE believed I was the N.8 months post discard, 3 months since last seeing him and 2 months of no contact is clearing my mind and this is what I’ve come up with: while we are all human(?

), the worst thing I did to my husband in our 20 years was to love him – and for a healthy person, that love would not have been punishable by betrayal, cheating and divorce.

Following a heinous discard he treated me with all of the above listed advice for detaching and had clearly developed an exit plan that I was completely unaware of.

‘If you were to ask him, he would say the same thing.

He’s a pretty traditional man, I’ve taught him to be non-traditional, but the very idea of what it means to be a wife and the responsibility and the sacrifice that that carries – I wouldn’t have held that very well, I wouldn’t have held that space very well.’ Speaking to Lorraine Kelly on ITV’s Lorraine during a two-part special this Friday and coming Monday, Oprah reveals she holds her long-running talk show as her biggest achievement."The moment he asked me to marry him I was like: 'Oh God, now I actually have to get married?

I couldn’t have made it out of my situation without him.

Because the abuse was more subtle, it was harder to recognize and left me second-guessing myself continually.


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