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The most popular themes are infidelity, group sex and "the third person," where a partner invites others to enjoy their significant other.

“But it can change depending on the confessions I release,” reports Lust.

A recent study conducted by the University of Northern Iowa and Pennsylvania State University finds that undergraduates in relationships hold their significant others to a stricter definition of sex than they hold themselves.

Participants were asked if their own involvement in several different sexual behaviors would count as sex; they were then asked if those same behaviors would be considered sex if their boyfriend or girlfriend were to engage in them outside of the relationship. "Participants answering for themselves were less likely to indicate a behavior was having sex for all behaviors except penile-anal and penile-vaginal intercourse," researchers Gary Gute, Elaine M.

“The performers are natural, individual and attractive in their own unique way.” They look like real people, albeit in the “TV Ugly” way.

That is, they may have crooked teeth or something, but are charming nonetheless. At XConfessions, Lust has a unique vantage point into what women find sexy, and is both shaping and being shaped by these ideas.

Eshbaugh and Jacquelyn Wiersma write in the October 2008 issue of the .

In addition, "men were also more likely than women to indicate most behaviors were having sex." Why are people fudging the facts?

At her production company Lust Films, feminist porn doesn't mean slo-mo footage of women receiving equal pay for equal work (although that might be kinda hot), but is about making “good porn.” “The values behind my films are equality, consent, creativity, realism, and above all, sex that is being enjoyed,” she says.“Just because I am making female-led porn with a feminist mindset doesn't mean that all the sex has to be white satin sheets and roses.I didn’t identify with anything that I saw,” she said in her TEDx talk “It's Time For Porn to Change.” “The women did not look like they were enjoying themselves, and the sexual situations were totally ridiculous. Not slutty Sharons, horny teens, desperate housewives, hot nurses, and nymphomaniac hookers, always looking to service pimps, multi-millionaires or macho sex machines.I’ve always considered myself free and open-minded towards pornography, but what I saw in practice was just offensive.“When XConfessions has a bit of everything, from "Mad Men" porn and sex with the boss, to bondage scenarios and foot fetish fantasies.Lust will take anything on, looking for the confessions that are “the most unique and truthful.” “If I am drawn into the situation instantly, picturing every part in my mind, turning on, then I am instantly inspired and want to see it on screen myself!So how, exactly, is this different from mainstream porn?“Mainstream porn lacks creativity and a narrative,” says Lust.That's what makes it more satisfying, erotic and fun!”Lust's idea that feminist porn didn't need to be an oxymoron was spurred by her Swedish background with its liberal sexual attitudes and strong support of feminism, and finding Linda Williams' book Hard Core: Power, Pleasure, and the Frenzy of the Visible while studying political science and feminism at the University of Lund.“Hard Core taught me that porn is a discourse on our sexuality about masculinity and femininity, about the roles we play,” she says. Men with little sexual intelligence.”Hard Core convinced her that woman needed to be part of the discourse, not as on-camera male playthings, but behind the camera in leadership roles, helping to shape the discussion.” If something is not erotic to Lust personally, she consults her diverse and open-minded team to figure out how to make a "sex-positive" film that will appeal to aficionados of that particular kink, and she hopes, a wider audience.Even though feminism and porn make lovely bedfellows in Lust's world, she still faces pushback from men and women.


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