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As we made the two day crossing the weather got steadily warmer.

When we finally arrived in Santander it was baking hot(See my next story for tales of the crossing). As the ferry pulled into port I ran down to the car deck and sat ready on my bike.

Filed under: anonymous,bareback,biker, Blow Job, Erotic, First Time, Gay,holiday,young guys — nathan080 @ pm Tags: anal, biker, cock, cum, Erotic, fuck, Gay, hitchhiker, holiday, stranger, suck, young guys Last year I was travelling through Spain on a biking holiday.

It was a new bike and I’d been dying to try it out on a long run since the day it had been delivered.


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  5. Last year I was travelling through Spain on a biking holiday. It was a new bike and I’d been dying to try it out on a long run since the day it had been delivered.

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