Sex dating in santa barbara california

The sheriff's office now says they did find audio recordings of Feldman's interview, though they did not reveal further details, adding that they are unable to comment further because the case involves the alleged sexual abuse of a child.In a statement to CBS News, the office said, "Following the recent inquiries into the Sheriff's Office interview of Mr.The law enforcement officer must specifically request that a judicial officer issue the emergency protective order.This type of domestic violence prevention order remains in effect for five judicial business days after it was issued, and not more than seven calendar days.Either party may request that the court modify these orders, or the parties may stipulate to a modification.The victim of domestic violence may also request that a protective order be renewed.

At the time the show aired, the office said they had no record of Feldman's accusations.

California defines "domestic violence" as abuse perpetrated against a spouse, former spouse, cohabitant, or former cohabitant.

Abuse inflicted by one's current or former dating partner or fiancé/fiancée is also domestic violence, as is abuse committed against the parent of a child by the other parent.

A parent may apply for the order on behalf of a child, or the child, if age 12 or older, may appear in court and independently seek such an order.

Pursuant to the Prevention of Domestic Violence statute, the following persons may obtain a protective order: The Family Code permits the issuance of protective orders and other domestic violence prevention orders not only to increase the security of the victim, but also to provide a legal mechanism for holding the abuser accountable for his or her actions.


  1. Apr 5, 2013. Mail the additional information to the Santa Barbara Police Department at 215 E. Figueroa St. Santa Barbara, Ca. Full name, including nicknames and aliases; Race, Sex, Age and date of birth; Hair and eye color; Clothing worn when last seen; Physical Characteristics; Home or apartment address and.

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  3. Dec 6, 2017. The Santa Barbara County Sheriff's Office has found audio recordings of its 1993 interview with Corey Feldman involving sexual abuse allegations.

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