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So if they need a ride to the movies, try to make yourself available.

Stock up on snacks so that if they want to hang out in your basement, they feel welcome.

When it comes to cutting the apron strings, dating is a major snip. Some of it may have to do with your own dating experiences.

If you had a few broken hearts or other problems during your dating years, that’s naturally going to make you worry as your offspring enters the world of dating.

And if the group is elsewhere, you have no control over the situation whatsoever.So you have to get to the bottom of why a child’s social life is way below par.If you can’t figure it out on your own, then send your child for counseling.And then there were the good parts: the kisses, the romance, the sex. What it means is that your baby is not your baby any more, and so that’s another reason for feeling nervous.And then there can be serious ramifications of dating and sex. Sending your child off into the unknown is a scary proposition.Rather than risk labeling your child, the temptation is that “she’ll grow out of it.” But psychological issues are just like physical ones in that the later you deal with them, the worse they get and the harder they are to fix.So despite the temptation to hope that the problem is just a passing phase, I strongly suggest that you take action and get professional help if you notice something peculiar in your teen’s behavior. Ruth has written a new book to help parents address the uncomfortable subject of their teens becoming sexually active. Ruth provides advice on what to expect when your teen is dating for the first time, and how to create an atmosphere for open communication and honesty.Chapter seven: When your teen starts dating New parents eagerly await every one of their baby’s “firsts”: first smile, first time he rolls over, her first steps, and so on.And you should actively encourage them to avoid pairing up as long as possible.But in the end it’s out of your hands, and at some point your teen is going to have a girlfriend or boyfriend.


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