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Programming is not 12-step-based, rather using a proprietary treatment modality developed by the center’s founder. The facility, opened in 2011, is also equipped to address co-occurring mental and physical health conditions, including eating disorders.

TREATMENT & ASSESSMENT A majority of clients are 35 or older, according to The Exclusive Addiction Treatment Center website, although some are in their early 20s.

Bob will question the client’s filters and refine the lenses through which clients create their realities resulting in a liberating state of self-love and self-compassion.

ABOUT THE EXCLUSIVE HAWAII Set on a 16-acre private property overlooking the azure waters of the Pacific, The Exclusive Addiction Treatment Center in Hawaii is a luxury, long-term residential program offering holistic detoxification and treatment for adults struggling with substance use disorders.

Jean-François Benoist is the creator of Core Belief Restructuring (CBR), upon which The Exclusive treatment program is based.

He is a certified professional counselor trained at The Option Institute International Learning and Training Center.

He began his studies in human development and empowerment in 1983 with Robert Hargrove and Relationships, Inc., and has been deeply involved in mentoring others for over twenty years.

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We realize that when clients are facing their shadow and their past, it may be the hardest thing they’ve ever done, and we make it as comfortable as possible. Linda is a graduate of the Chicago College of Osteopathic medicine, residency trained in family medicine and fellowship trained in anti-aging and regenerative medicine.

Together we help clients assemble the building blocks they need to live a renewed and passionate life and teach the skills to overcome old addiction triggers.

By the time clients leave The Exclusive Addiction Treatment Center, their new life has already begun!

Known for her consistent, authentic and passionate optimism, Joyce inspires her clients to clearly identify their life’s work and do what it takes to move beyond addiction into a truly fulfilling life of purpose.

Applying her focused intuition and deep compassion, she serves as a seasoned guide adept at finding real, accessible and even joyful solutions to the often heartbreaking problems that have resulted from substance abuse.


  1. The two alumni polled by to date rated The Exclusive Addiction Treatment Center of Hawaii a perfect five stars in treatment effectiveness, holistic treatment offerings, staff's level of experience and training, and nine other metrics. Both clients praised the facility's beautiful location and compassionate staff, with.

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