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She feels that she NEEDS to be in this app and can't be with out it. Bullying, sexual content and the fact that you don't truly know the ages of the others you speak to in this app!! (Edit: I have added slashes between paragraphs, because the site does not support page breaks.After removing the app she finds ways to get back on secretly. Sorry about the wall of text, but I really believe the information I wrote is valuable.)// I see a lot of reviews of this app that seem very shocked and reactionary to me, and I would like to provide some clear, and hopefully helpful information.

I found my child in communities and role playing with strangers slowing progressing to sexual content.As if we provide the kids with emails so they can join this skanky nasty site.We need to form a class action suit so they will keep our KIDS away from this!!!I don't think that this app is as bad as what the other parents are saying, I use this app myself and I love it.There are some communities that children shouldn't be in, but I think it should be fine as long as you monitor what communities your kids are in from time to time. If your kid likes metal that's great BUT don't let him/her be on Metal Amino.// While Amino is intended to be accessible for young users, it is still an online social community.It is also intended to be used by adults, and on any such community, there is the potential for unscrupulous users to join with the intention to harass or take advantage of the youngest users.It's sad that I have to monitor my 10yr olds phone on a nightly basis because of apps like this one!!Entiching to young ones but the worst part is this: After several attempts at emailing the various addresses, I'm told they are refusing to delete a CHILD's profile without providing the CHILD's email FOR SECURITY PURPOSES..after the child has been interacting with adults although it's specified that it is NOT for children for obvious reasons.Not all communities on the app have them available, but this introduces a new avenue of danger.If you trust your child to listen, I simply advise that you ask them not to use these features without you nearby.


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