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Second life login failed updating friends list

In addition to your custom gender, you'll choose a Pronoun. Your About page helps you share what you care about with others, such as movies or books you've added, stories from apps and games you use and things you've liked.

If someone is in the audience of things you've added or the audience of stories shared by apps and games, they can see that stuff.

If your Kindle is linked to your Amazon account ,simply log into your Amazon Content and Devices dashboard and click on the “Your Devices” tab.(If the “Update Your Kindle” option is grayed out, that means the Kindle was unable to locate the file; confirm you placed it in the root directory and try again.) After your Kindle reboots (don’t be concerned if it takes a minute or longer to finish rebooting and updating), repeat the version check process by looking in the Device Info menu.You should see an updated version number, and, with newer Kindle operating systems releases, you can even read the release notes right on your device by tapping the “More Info” button: Your Kindle is now up to date with the latest features and you didn’t have to wait for the device to automatically update over the air.The sample in this post simply creates a document library in the as well.For the sake of simplicity I post only code snippets, and not the full code of the application.While we hope your future OTA updates are smoother, it’s easy (once you know where to look) to manually grab an update and refresh your Kindle to the latest version. Originally – to keep the samples in this post short – I planned to include only the code that is relevant to the solution and / or differs from the client OM solution, however later I made a lot of small enhancements in the original code as well, so probably it is simpler to publish the full code “as is” even with possible duplicates / overlapping with the former version.The file must be in the top level folder, so if your computer mounts the Kindle as the F drive, the path to the coped update package should be F:\update_kindle_[version number]Once the file is placed in the root directory of your Kindle device, right-click on the Kindle’s drive and choose Eject to unmount it from your system. Now, you simply need to instruct the Kindle to update via the Kindle’s menu system.On the Kindle, navigate to Menu Settings to enter the settings menu, then tap the Menu button again from within the settings menu and select “Update Your Kindle.” Press OK and then wait.Scroll down until you get to the Kindle section and then match up the Kindle you have with the appropriate model.Remember, there may be multiple versions of the same model—this is why we went searching for the serial number in step one. Clearly, the firmware version we have on our Paperwhite (5.6.1) is behind the most recent version as of this writing (5.8.5).


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