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tonight, as she costars alongside gay icon Reba Mc Entire and legendary lesbian comic Lily Tomlin.“Ever since I’ve been about 19 or 20 I started going out in LA I always felt more comfortable going dancing with my friends at the gay clubs,” Rue said.“My best friend is gay and I always felt very accepted and included in the gay community, so I guess that’s why!Watch People Now live every weekday at am ET, the re-broadcast at am ET or on-demand at the absolute latest in celebrity news, real-life people stories and the best of fashion and food.Rue famously lost over 50lbs gearing up for the nuptials on the Jenny Craig diet.She earned a new generation of fans when she became a spokesman for the weight-loss company, appearing in a series of TV commercials.

She has bared her body in a bikini for the first time and flaunts her newly svelte physique in a flattering two-piece after losing a staggering 50 pounds.'This is the first time I've ever swam in a bikini,' Rue said excitedly, revelling in finally winning the battle of the bulge.

” doesn’t sound so gay, you might be surprised to hear that it is.

In tonight’s premiere, Reba moves her children and mother (Tomlin) to their Malibu beach house after finding out her husband has cheated on her. “I think there a lot of kids that are figuring it out and I love that they might explore that. “[ABC] has always been very gay friendly and very pro the movement.

The Jenny Craig spokeswoman peeled down to promote the diet company, saying: 'I've never felt comfortable enough to wear one before'. The former yo-yo dieter said she was thrilled with the pictures from her midriff-baring shoot.

She also admitted that she had never even worn a swimsuit as a child. 'I looked at the images and said, "Wow, that looks good.


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