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Fire investigators, meanwhile, tried to determine the cause of the blaze.(Willingham gave authorities permission to search the house: “I know we might not ever know all the answers, but I’d just like to know why my babies were taken from me.”) Douglas Fogg, who was then the assistant fire chief in Corsicana, conducted the initial inspection.

Willingham and his wife, who was twenty-two years old, had virtually no money.

He then charged through the front door, into a swirl of smoke and fire.

Heading down the main corridor, he reached the kitchen, where he saw a refrigerator blocking the back door.

A central corridor led past a utility room and the master bedroom, then past a small living room, on the left, and the children’s bedroom, on the right, ending at the front door, which opened onto the porch.

Vasquez tried to take in everything, a process that he compared to entering one’s mother-in-law’s house for the first time: “I have the same curiosity.”In the utility room, he noticed on the wall pictures of skulls and what he later described as an image of “the Grim Reaper.” Then he turned into the master bedroom, where Amber’s body had been found.


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