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Each guy reviewed 1-2 of the so-called “best dating sites” for adults for a 3-month period. In case you’re a bit confused by the charts above, we are going to explain some things.The person responsible for reviewing each site was required to send out 2 emails per day (no more, no less) to random women.Overall, the 10 websites we wrote negative reviews on cannot compete with the 3 sites we wrote positive reviews on.There’s no doubt in our minds what the top 3 adult online dating sites are.Let’s start out with the women because that’s the main thing you’re looking for in an adult site.Plain and simple, the chicks are WAY hotter on the top 3 sites. They look better and their personalities are much more appealing. Other factors include fewer scams, better dating site features, more women responding to emails, easier to set up dates, etc.If you have a lot of money to burn, we can give you a list of hundreds of adult dating sites to use. But if you have thousands of dollars to burn, email us and we’ll give you a list of sites to waste time on!

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The site features tons of great sections where you can search the adult dating personals, talk to swingers, […] Be Naughty one of the hottest online dating service for singles from all the corners of the world.

So, it becomes fun in the same way as it is in the offline world.

The guys and girls here are fit and enjoy a bit of fun.

After that, it was up to him to work his magic and turn the initial conversations into an offline date and then hopefully some sex.

We gave each guy the same basic email templates and direction to use for each website.


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