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I relocated to Yangon, Myanmar, recently to work for an International bank and so far it has been a fantastic experience.

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You can buy Tinsel for any of the girls for 10,000 Kyat a piece, and after the song, the girl will join you for a drink before her next performance.The club is large by Myanmar standards, the music is loud & current and there is excellent lighting, making Pioneer one of the better nightclubs in Yangon.DJ Bar is a nightclub situated beside Inya lake hotel and next door to GTR nightclub.There is a large stage and surrounding table and seated area, which is usually filled with locals.Upstairs there are discrete rooms that are blacked out for people to enjoy the show with some discretion – usually very wealthy locals. I'm in pretty good shape and like to hike and do outdoor activities.I love to travel and am teaching overseas to have the opportunity to travel. In Yangon whether you are drinking in the high end bars or local karaoke bars you are likely to encounter working girls. Many of the locals are working girls who hang around the bar and edge of the dance floor.I have been amazed at the level of prostitution in Yangon and to the stage that after 9pm (post curfew) it’s very likely that any local girls are either married and there with their husbands.... Pioneer is a nightclub situated on the Ahlone road in the same complex as The Yangon International Hotel and Singapore Kitchen. Upon entrance you will usually be approached by a local girl by the time you reach the bar, who will want to accompany you to your seat in the hope you will take her home.This is the most popular bar in Yangon for ex-pats and tourists, and will have a crowd most nights of the week.Each Friday night a live band plays and the bar is usually jammed.


  1. Myanmar Nightlife. 71 likes. Here is Myanmar nightlife in Yangon and elsewhere, from every perspective with centering on bars, nightclubs, karaoke.

  2. Enjoying nightlife in Myanmar can be a bit of a challenge. nightlife in Yangon is rather subdued. Nonetheless. dating Read More.

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