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Radtabstrip not updating

Rad Tab Strip with ID='Rad Tab Strip1' was unable to find an embedded skin with the name 'Vista'. This likely has to do with an older version of Smith Cart (just guessing) in the latest DNN. but when this happens there is a way to reverse it with the web.config entry. Module Load Exception: Unhandled Error Adding Module to Content Pane --- System. If you want to use a custom skin, set Enable Embedded Skins=false. So this may affect Smith Cart in other unknown places...

Test Complete can recognize Telerik Rad Tab Strip controls in Windows applications.

The Rad Splitter has been totally refactored to improve performance, and that required a few breaking changes.

We know breaking changes are painful and that every developer hates them. We try to avoid them at all costs and only introduce them when the long term performance/productivity gains can be achieved no other way.

You should get this release because earlier releases do not support Internet Explorer 11 with a client side experience. If you have any other version, please go here for directions: Internet Explorer 11 requires upgrade or hotfix to work This release is based on the release of Fire Fox v17.

That browser changed its User Agent string in a way that prevents DES from recognizing the browser.


  1. Sep 18, 2014. We will explore the JavaScript code, by which we can easily Enable or Disable all the Tabs inside a Telerik RadTabStrip except the SelectedTab. In my previous Blog, we explored how to Enable or Disable all. How to? If the Tab Text does not match with the SelectedTab 's Text, then Disable it. Simple.

  2. Retail 92 Mb Enjoy components for every need navigation and layout, data management and visualization c#,winforms,dynamic,telerik,tabcontrol I have nested controls inside RadPageView control on a panel with RadAjaxpanel edit and add buttons are not working Here RadTabStrip examples will show you how.

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