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Correlations between the speleothem growth frequency peaks and last interglacial (Ipswichian) sites can be made, but correlations with last glacial (Devensian) interstadial sites are limited because of the paucity of dates.

The subsequent decades of research have seen a range of archaeometric applications of luminescence dating: from fired pottery and burnt flints to sediments incorporated into occupation deposits and earthen constructions.

With appropriate variation, no one would really know what was happening in the world.

It was inherently one of the most brilliant methods of knowledge suppression that had ever existed.

In 1850, Massachusetts and New York utilize the system, as well as promote the concept that “the state is the father of children.” Horace Mann’s sister, Elizabeth Peabody (Peabody Foundation) saw to it that after the Civil War, the Prussian system (taught in the Northern states) was integrated into the conquered South between 18.

Most of the “compulsory schooling” laws designed to implement the system were passed by 1900.


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