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As a single dad sharing custody, my time is limited and I’m a bit old for bars and clubs. My first time on OKcupid, and I just applied Cajun’s system straight out of the box. I have so much more confidence with women – and with life in general – now. ” Richard E, 44, Calgary, AB “I’m going on a three-month assignment out of town next week, so I tried Cajun’s book as an experiment. If you have any sort of personality at all and if you can follow simple directions in Cajun’s book, then you can date great women online.” Jesse K., Boston, MA “She’s 22 and a (non-exotic) dancer.

Before last week, I’d been with one woman since my divorce, many months ago. After two days, I have at least five really hot women waiting to meet me when I arrive (not all at once! I had to make myself stop or I’m sure I could have had 10 or 100.

If you want to find out more on how to meet, attract, and seduce women in daytime environment, you should check out “Daytime Dating” by day-game expert Jeremy Soul of Love Systems.

He is recognized as the #1 day game expert and he has codified his system for getting girls in coffee shops, malls, streets, and more. For acting, subtext is the underlying meaning behind spoken words as interpreted by an actor. Basically you’re adding additional meaning to your spoken words by the way you say them.

Attractive women on a daily basis have dozens of men come up to them and validate their beauty with compliments and sometimes gifts.

It gets so that women find this boring or even annoying.

(I shouldn’t have to say this, but these reviews are TOTALLY LEGIT…

otherwise it’s illegal to use them) [note – no consideration of any kind was given to any of the beta testers] “I used to find dating sites really frustrating. I was part of the beta testing group for the book by Cajun of Love Systems.

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The other day she asked me how a great catch like me (ha!

Letting a woman know that their is something about her that prohibits you from dating her. I never date Scorpios…dram, drama, drama.” Remember to smile. Or simply implying that you are spoken for: “My girlfriend would like your dress.” When you use a DQ be sure to not wait for your target to react. I really shouldn’t even be talking to you.” Most guys think you can only meet women in bars and clubs. Just think back how many gorgeous women you’ve seen shopping. Going out at night can be expensive with cover and buying drinks (especially if you buy lots of drinks and you have that dreaded hangover the next day). She might be running some errands or she is on her way to get an appointment. You will meet more quality girls in the daytime than you do at night.

It’s important that she perceives it as something you just casually say and didn’t over-think or plan out. I think the kids at the nerd table really miss you.” 2. “Yeah, you’re like the coolest girl I’ve met in this location in the last 2 minutes.” 9. The great thing is that meeting women in the daytime is a great alternative. Let’s not forget that you smell like smoke and sweat the next morning. This makes it much easier to get to know the woman when she is by herself and you won’t have to worry about her friends interrupting you. They are too busy doing useful things than getting drunk at night.

) could have been single when we met, so I showed her your book.

Her verdict: “This guy is crazy but he knows women very well.


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  2. Jan 24, 2012. Today I've got a review of The Gentleman's Guide To Online Dating by Derek Cajun The book actually comes out Jan 26th, but I. It's NOT full of complicated PUA lingo, or crazy wacky methods like some of the other online dating guides that I've seen. Cajun is actually a really a good writer. I didn't know.

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