Paris and river dating

Flowing northwest from Burgundy, it enters Champagne above Troyes and traverses the dry chalk plateau of Champagne in a well-defined trench.

Most of the traffic, which chiefly consists of heavy petroleum products and building materials, passes upstream to the main facilities of the port of Paris at Gennevilliers.The English Channel breaches the symmetry of the basin on its northern side, interrupting the completeness of the concentric zones. The basin of the Seine presents no striking relief contrasts.Within 30 miles of its source the river is already below 800 feet, and at Paris, 227 miles from its mouth, it is only 80 feet above sea level.In its passage through Paris, the river has been trained and narrowed between riverside quays.Flowing sluggishly in sweeping loops, the Seine passes below Mantes-la-Jolie across Normandy toward its estuary in the English Channel.Turning northwest again, the Seine passes Melun and Corbeil as its trenched valley crosses the Île-de-France toward Paris.As it enters Paris, it is joined by its great tributary the Marne on the right, and, after traversing the metropolis, it receives the Oise, also on the right.The broad estuary opens rapidly and extends for 16 miles below Tancarville to Le Havre; it experiences the phenomenon of the tidal bore, which is known as the has gradually diminished.From its source to Paris, the Seine traverses concentric belts of successively younger sedimentary rocks, infilling a structural basin, the centre of which is occupied by the limestone platforms of the Île-de-France immediately surrounding Paris.Occasionally the summer level is considerably reduced (such as in the summers of 19), but the sandbanks that are so typical of the Loire do not appear.Low water is further masked by the regularization of the river that has been carried out to improve its navigability.


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