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They still end up taking 5.00 from me for basically doing nothing but giving me false hope..I paid 5.00 for false hope.

Gay Options Dating Service Guaranteed Introductions to Professional Women in My Area Vienna Virginia When I called Gay Options, I specifically asked them how many women they had in their database who lived in my area (Minnesota) and who matched my criteria (age range, college degree, etc).

After many attemps to get results, I filed a Better Business Bureau complaint. BEWARE, Options advertises on gay, or gay- positive websites such as Ellen Degeneres.

On the Options welcome letter, they quote Mother Theresa, The hunger for love is much more difficult to remove than the hunger for bread.

Of course when I would contact then they would tell me that just that day they had found a match but it had to be approved before they sent me the match.

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BIG promises, promises gay/l*****n dating-NOTHING delivered Viena, Virginia I paid 95.00 for the Gold Membership with 24 introdctions and an Unlimited Hold Feature.

I had to call them 3 times that day before they finally relented and sent me an e-mail confirming my cancellation and promised to refund my money within 20 to 30 days...minus 5.00 which they say is the cost of the interview, tests, and Evaluation.

So I am still out 5.00 and I have to wait and see if I get the other 00.00 refunded without anymore hassle.


  1. Options Dating Service Inc. Complaint Review Options Dating Service Inc. BIG promises, promises gay/lesbian dating-NOTHING delivered Viena, Virginia

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