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  1. Nov 2, 2017. In America, support for same-sex marriage has shot up from 27% to 64% since 1996—faster than the rise in acceptance of interracial marriage beginning in the late 1960s. Ireland has gone from having few openly gay public figures to legalising gay marriage and having a gay prime minister. But what about.

  2. Women usually have no symptoms, but may have pain with sex, vaginal discharge, lower abdominal pain. Men may have no symptoms or discharge from penis, discharge from anus, pain in testicles, pain on urinating. Antibiotics. Sexual partners must be tested and treated if positive. Avoid sex until 7 days after treatment is.

  3. Jun 26, 2015. It's been a decades-spanning process, but this morning the U. S. Supreme Court affirmed the constitutional right of same-sex couples to get married in every state, including those states that had banned such unions. In the past, we've looked at this process through geography and counting up states, but.

  4. Boy or girl? Use The Bump's Chinese Gender Chart to predict the sex of baby and read what moms-to-be had to say about the Chinese Gender Predictor.

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