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Old sea captain dating

Candles and lamplight glow from its various winking windows and the smell of the ocean has us looking around for a brass spyglass and a bottle of rum.

Considering part of the building is built into the rockface, we're impressed by the surprisingly high, vaulted ceilings in our suite.

Our room is dotted with antiques, tapestry cushions and jewel-coloured rugs, a four-poster bed piled with white pillows and draped in muslin - very romantic.

Although Mr Smith is by now more interested in the DVD player, free minibar, and the huge Jacuzzi he's found in our bathroom.

Breakfast is cooked à la carte, according to the selection made the night before, and served on our own almost-private terrace, with linen napery and a collection of weird-and-wonderful crockery, it's a teddy bear's tea party.

A strange building, part cave, part 18th-century lodging: simultaneously organic and manmade.

Deceptively small from the outside, but spacious within, and full of hidden alcoves.

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