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I never took Rick for a romantic, until one wedding anniversary.He asked a local artist to paint Sharon’s present: Pioneer Tower, where he had proposed to her.One of my favourite examples of Rick being unruffled is when he had to go and sell pool supplies at a nudist colony.I was all over the craziness of that and pelted him with questions.As well, I recently witnessed my dear friend give an amazing speech about her husband at his memorial. I’m having a hard time imagining mine without him in it.He was a brother-in-law in name, but really a brother to me.One honestly had a WAV file that played “Don’t Go” when I hurriedly tried to click away from the jaw-dropping tackiness. We want to take comfort in one another after the passing of Rick.Thankfully a friend of mine had posted a eulogy he wrote for his father. But it’s important for us to remember that though we grieve, we also should celebrate his life.

I must confess that for a while I was mystified he was a successful sales guy.I’ve been lucky to know him since I was fourteen or fifteen.He entered my life when he began dating Sharon, my sister.In my experience, all people in sales were loud and fast-talking, often brash – the very opposite of Rick.I soon realized it was his determination, stubbornness, helpfulness, watchfulness as well as his ability to listen, which let him succeed. If we were out at a family dinner, he was quick to notice odd behavior by other clientele or the staff, much to our shared amusement.He always knew what to get Sharon and Megan for their birthdays and Christmas, happily giving me suggestions if I was at a loss.Those suggestions showed how much quiet attention he paid to their interests and hobbies.He printed out a phony company ID for himself, ensuring he and Megan spent a lot of time behind the scenes. I lost count of how many times he poked fun at my food choices or called me an American once I moved to San Francisco.He was understated, making his playfulness, I feel, more fun.If I had a meeting or something, I’d admonish him for not giving me some advanced warning.He was nonchalant, saying we’d just get together the next time.


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