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It signals that the police and courts are starting to take online abuse as seriously as they do physical abuse.

They may consent to taking the image - but not to spreading it.This is fast becoming an entrenched part of our culture of sex and relationships, a practice engaged in by huge numbers of people.Further, the problem is much wider than of one victim and one perpetrator.What are the penalties for someone convicted of revenge porn offences?Someone found guilty can go to prison for up to two years, plus a fine.Revenge porn is the publication of explicit material portraying someone who has not consented for the image or video to be shared.The law now makes it illegal to disclose a "private sexual photograph or film" without the consent of the person depicted in the content, and with the intent to cause them distress.There are trolls who spread the images of people they don't know to embarrass them or just "for kicks".There are also lots of websites dedicated to earning money from the sharing of revenge pornography and this perpetuates demand.They are often blamed for letting the pictures be taken in the first place and suffer psychological distress and damage to relationships with friends and family.Once these images spread it can be very difficult to get them down from every site so victims have to face living with them forever.


  1. Mar 9, 2017. Marine veteran and journalist had access to Facebook group page; Members shared a cloud storage link containing more than 2,500 images of women. CNN If you think the 30,000-strong private Facebook group that was sharing nude images of female Marines has been shut down, guess again.

  2. Mar 23, 2017. If you're concerned that your own nude or private photos have been shared online, here's how to find out — and remove them. Reclaim Your Domain is Refinery29's campaign to make the internet and the world outside of it a safer space for everyone — especially women. Celebrity hackings that result in.

  3. Apr 13, 2015. Having represented victims of revenge porn, how has having pictures of themselves shared online affected them? Women and men whose intimate sexual photos are shared without their consent often feel violated and ashamed. They are often blamed for letting the pictures be taken in the first place and.

  4. Mar 9, 2017. Photos of dozens of female US marines have been shared without their consent on a Facebook page called “Marines United”. In the photos, some taken without permission, the victims are nude and are identified by their names, rank and duty stations. The Facebook page containing the images is private.

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