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of T food ser- vice workers may lose their union as a result.Meanwhile, a delegation from Unite Here, the union representing Sodex- ho's U of T employees, met with uni- versity officials inside.Aramark serves more than 400 col- leges, universities, and prep schools across North America.Its list of cli- ents includes New York University, Florida State University, and U of T's Scarborough Campus, among a num- ber of others.Yameen, a U of T graduate who worked part-time as an assistant in the office, was getting ready to leave after work on January 11 when Finlay, the faculty's assistant registrar, in her late fifties, made the remarks."She said 1 look scary and am scar- ing people," said Yameen."We explained how vulnerable everybody feels, and that because they're the client, they're the one con- trolling this, that they need to step in and make sure that Aramark recogniz- es the collective agreement that these workers fought for," said Alex Daag, the executive director of Unite Here.

Unlike the case where one company buys another and is forced to honour existing collective agreements, she said, "in what's happened here, where Members of Unite Here — the union that since February represents Sodexho food employees on the St.

In the past, Aramark has faced criti- cism from students at the University of Alberta, who complained to the uni- versity administration over the cost and nutritional value of the food pro- vided by the company, according to U of A's student newspaper. At Trent University, in Peterbor- ough, The Arthur reported that Ara- mark requires that all campus events involving food be catered by the com- pany; and student groups are limited to maximum two pot luck events each year.

Last December, students held an "illegal potluck dinner" to rally against the contracted monopoly that restricts any form of for-profit food service as well as the ability for stu- dents to share food through campus events.

Returning arts and science students can expect to dish out an extra 7; students in engineering will pay 0 more; MBA students have it worst of all: their tuition will go up from ,000 to ,000.

"There are a few of these tax measures that help a bit — that's better than nothing," she said.


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