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Thick branches and rope hold together walls made from repurposed USAID tarps.Around us, a concrete shop with no customers and nothing to sell.

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People were relocated to this wasteland because the company wanted a dependable supply of labor.We take our seats at five wooden benches polished to a shine.Because of the blue tarps for walls the light inside is the blue-green of an aquarium.But does it really matter how I felt about what I imagine is that young girl’s life?Driving back home through the Petionville neighborhood of Port-au-Prince, Madhu says, “There are beauty salons everywhere.” Hector responds, “There are walls everywhere.We flush the toilet with buckets poured rapidly with a great swoosh into the bowl.My father has become so embarrassed by the amount of buckets we use, he has replaced Gima and started filling and hauling the buckets himself.He wears a long mustache and a strange smile as if there’s an inside joke.At one point he tells me he speaks twenty-eight languages.Paul is half-Haitian, with almond-colored skin and a bird’s nest of curly light brown hair.Somewhere in the distance I hear my father talking animatedly with Daniel Tillias, the co-founder of SAKALA, the organization that runs this garden.


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