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So how do you protect your phone from the Red Alert?

One of the ways to prevent this hacking software from infecting your phone is to avoid any free downloads from third party apps.

The software works in stealth mode, which means that the followed consumer does not know that he is being tracked.

The next time you see a free whatsup download or flash player update you may need to think twice before hitting that download button.

With the help of the Metasploit Framework now you can easily do that.

Metasploit works great on all of the mentioned platforms like Windows, Linux and OS X.

There is an open-source baseband project, Osmocom BB.

There is a project based on illicit leaked source code for the Calypso modem called Free Calypso.

This is done by the software creating a fake log in page, which requests you to re-authenticate your details.

Once this is done the malware will start making purchases and money transfers from your account.

The hacking software can be downloaded for free throw third party apps.

Android-based devices do not appear on this list because of the heavy use of proprietary components, particularly drivers and applications.

Cyanogenmod) and the freedom-respecting Replicant that can be installed on a large number of phones after-market.


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