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While Courtney, known as CJ, who took pictures of the singer as he slept, claimed not to know who the famous singer was, the Daily Mirror alleged that she would have known exactly who is was and has a tendency to make a beeline for famous men.Chiang Mai isn't well known for massage parlors unlike Bangkok or Pattaya however there are a number out there.Ask the guy there what the prices are but they are 1000 14.Go there yourself without a taxi for these rates and if they give you different prices then just ask for the Thai price because these are the real rates.She was touched by the gesture and said at the time: 'It must be love to be honest. It's a cartoon version of me so it's a little caricature so it's cool.' The couple adopted a Teacup Yorkshire Terrier named Teddy together, but that same month Zayn found himself at the centre of a row when he failed to join his bandmates in the US to promote their fourth album, prompting Today show's Matt Lauer to ask if it was related to drugs.When I'm away from him, I guess he can just take a look at his arm and remind him of me. Perrie was pictured without her engagement ring and claimed it was because it was at the cleaners.

Their first attempt at a relationship ended after a few weeks, the couple started dating officially four months later.

A couple of weeks later, Zayn publicly apologised when he was pictured with his arm around Lauren Richardson, saying 'sorry for how it looks' and tweeted about his love for Perrie.

Following the cheating revelations Perrie and Zayn refused to comment, while blonde Coutney received death threats from 1D fans after her number was put on Twitter by Leon Anderson - the friend who reportedly invited her back to Zayn’s house to party.

A spokesman for the band told The Sun: 'Zayn has signed off with stress and is flying back to the UK to recuperate.

The band wish him well and will continue with their performances in Manila and Jakarta.'His departure comes just hours after the Steal My Girl hitmaker was forced to assure fans he had not cheated on his fiancé Perrie Edwards of Little Mix, having been spotted getting close with 'Essex girl' Lauren Richardson while on a night out in Phuket, Thailand.


  1. Zayn Malik has left One Direction's On the Road Again World Tour due to stress. The 22-year-old singer pulled out of a commercial recording in Hong Kong on.

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