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Meet facetime users online

The quality of this video calling service is second to none when it comes to free platforms.

People who do not have an i OS device are constantly enquiring as to if there is a way that they can get Face Time for their device, even if it is not an Apple device.

This is the reason why Face Time online took off so quickly.

Therefore, if you are not on an i OS device, you will struggle to get a quality video calling service that your contacts will already have downloaded onto their phones, especially if a lot of your contacts are using Face Time.

Face Time was the leader of video calling when it first hit the marketplace and ever since then, other platforms and app developers have been playing catch up in order to meet their quality standards and to try to even surpass Face Time as the leader in video calling.

You can easily see your contact’s face in great quality when you ring them and has become a universal standard that other apps are striving towards.

There are not many areas in which Google does not have their fingers in and video calling is not one of them.

As it is available for you to download for completely free, it really is a top quality platform that you should be taking advantage of.

Despite this apparent need in the market, it is currently not possible for you to get Face Time on any non-i OS platform.

None of the Apple dedicated apps are available on platforms apart from their own due to proprietary reasons and this is not set to change in the near future.

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