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After the bottle of tequila is finished, the boat docks and the women notice there are a bunch of pigs swimming in the water.I am concerned that I might vomit watching this, but for the sake of this recap I power through. Apparently the date is to feed the swimming pigs hot dogs, which basically means they’ll be feeding pigs other pigs while they’re playing in water filled with pig sweat, breath and feces.Before Ben hands out the remaining roses, he and Chris Harrison step aside to chat while the remaining women ask Olivia what happened.She “cries” before saying she doesn’t want to talk about it to the women, but “I’m going to marry Ben Higgins and if you don’t believe me, come at me, bro” is how she explains it to the cameras.

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He follows it up with, “I hope to see most of you at the next rose ceremony,” which either means Chris hates Olivia, too, or one of the contestants turned down some “off-camera alone time” with him.When it’s her turn for a short walk to the same spot Ben's taken every woman, Leah, the chick who stepped out of the limo and hiked a football to him while wearing a dress, cries about the lack of attention he’s given her.He responds with, “Can you make the most of today with me, please?On her “first try,” Caila catches a shark that is bigger than both of them.Ben suggests they each kiss it, and I wonder what kind of fetishes he has because he asked Lauren H., who I only remember as one of this season's 15 Laurens, to kiss “Little Ben” a few weeks ago.You wouldn’t be here if I didn’t want you to be,” which makes her even more emotional.Probably because Ben has used this line at least three times each episode this season. Me more so because I can’t drink until these recaps are done and I’ve been watching this whole pig situation, but still … When they get to the cocktail part of the group date, Ben finally realizes that it was a strange way to spend the day, so he decides he’s going to take each woman aside privately to reassure her of his feelings.Despite Olivia sharing that she likes “reading and thinking” and wants to “talk smart things,” Ben decides to maintain his decision to give her a rose.Olivia returns with her rose to the ceremony, in spite of everyone’s desire for her not to.I can’t think of anything I would hate more than this, and I hate a lot of things.The women are miserable, obviously, but 26-year-old Ben thinks they’re having fun. As the date progresses, one by one, Ben walks into the water with each woman while the rest of them watch and talk to one another about how they’re not getting any personal attention.


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