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Live sex chat breastfeeding

I’ve helped women with 18-month-olds who had challenges with breastfeeding.” On average, Sayce consults with about six new moms a week.

“I enjoy watching a mom gain confidence and knowing that I’ve helped another baby breastfeed, even if it’s just for another day.” Join a support group Moms also have the option of joining a support group like those run by La Leche League International, a global pro-breastfeeding non-profit founded in 1956.

Arm yourself with knowledge by: Hiring a lactation consultant She can give you advice on how to maintain long-term expressing, along with all the basic tips for first-time moms – things like how much breastmilk you need to pump for your baby, and how to store and warm it up.

And if you hit a wall – say if your breastmilk supply decreases or baby refuses the bottle – there are things a lactation consultant can do to help.

“It’s the small things that make a difference, and it helps to know that you’re not in it alone.”Sayce suggests another smart stress-busting idea for breastfeeding working mamas: while you’re on maternity leave, build up a stockpile of expressed breastmilk in the freezer.

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“It helped me a lot when my boss said I could use the boardroom for expressing,” Tsamela says.“You can ensure that your milk supply is maintained, produce milk that can be left for baby, and prevent engorgement which can lead to mastitis.” "You can reduce discomfort from engorgement and pace your two breastfeeding breaks optimally at work if you arrange your workday mornings so that you give your baby a good feed that ends just before you leave for work; and then breastfeed your baby again as soon as you get home," adds Ackerman.When Smith breastfed her first child from 2009, she would express in the ladies room.But knowing you have an emergency milk bank at home can be a lifesaver – say on a Monday when you didn’t get a chance to express over a busy weekend because you were spending quality time with your little one, or if you were caught up in meetings the day before. I soon invested in an electric breast pump, which made expressing far easier and less time-consuming.” There’s plenty of slick, ultra-modern breastfeeding gear you can buy to make breastfeeding less of a chore – from pumps (with glam storage kits that look like handbags so you can remain discreet), to cooler bags designed for storing breastmilk.Initially Tsamela used a manual breast pump to express at home and in the office. Expressing missed feeds while in the office has many benefits, says Sayce.For a one-hour to 90-minute appointment, you’re looking at a minimum of R500 to R800.“We see moms at every stage of the journey, even prenatally if they’ve had breast surgery for example.“You’ll thank yourself later.” Tsamela’s supportive work environment played a big role in helping her to continue to breastfeed, she says.Her tip: be proactive and talk to your employer in advance so you’re all on the same page.After returning to work from maternity leave, 28-year-old Dineo Tsamela, a digital expert from Joburg, was determined to continue breastfeeding her son.“On my first day back at work I was thinking: ‘Oh my goodness, am I going to leak everywhere?


  1. Jun 18, 2010. Join Gabrielle Palmer, the author of The Politics of Breastfeeding, for a live chat on Tuesday 22 June at 2.30pm.

  2. Choosing how you will feed your baby is one of the most important decisions you will make as a new parent. Breastfeeding is a gift that only you can give your baby. Your baby will feel safe and secure and you will provide a healthy start for your baby's life. You will find breastfeeding to be a fulfilling part of motherhood.

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