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"Joy Ride" starts off relatively slowly and almost seems to be going nowhere as we watch Lewis by a second hand gas guzzler just so that he can drive to Colorado and pick up Venna the girl he obviously fancies.And it almost feels like a rather limp teen comedy when he picks up his brother having bailed him out of jail and they carry on the road trip, getting a CB radio fitted to the car to have some fun.

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And whilst for me it goes to far with what is only an unnecessary and cheesy final scene I did feel that I had been entertained.But it is the growling tones of Ted Levine who make it work and just hearing him call out for "Candy Cane" delivers such an amazing sense of fear.This page is based on a Wikipedia article written by contributors (read/edit).The fact that we never really see Rusty Nail makes it even more ominous and just hearing Levine break the silence with "Candy Cane" is enough to make you freeze in fear.And so whilst Paul Walker and Steve Zahn are the central focus of the movie as Lewis and Fuller Thomas, whilst Leelee Sobieski adds some welcome sexiness as Venna it is Ted Levine who steals every single scene that his voice appears in.What this all boils down to is that "Joy Ride" is a surprisingly good modern thriller which doesn't try to be anything more than adrenalin filled.It may start a little slowly but director John Dahl builds it up with one edge of your seat scene after another whilst creating a real sense of foreboding when Rusty Nail becomes this relentless truck driver who will stop at nothing.Now here is the thing it has to be said that "Joy Ride" does feel familiar, that relentless figure, someone we never see but only hear, on a mission to get revenge has been done before.But director John Dahl employs this familiar idea well and doesn't try to make it anything more than an exciting movie for those who want well paced action with a touch of humour.And to be honest whilst keeping it simple he delivers the surprises of the story perfectly, the almost obligatory what is in the trunk scene has us guessing wondering whether it is something macabre or something comical.In many ways if you think to much about the storyline to "Joy Ride" you will realise how stupid it is with various elements which you end up questioning.


  1. Liliane Rudabet Gloria Elsveta Leelee Sobieski born June 10 1983 is a retired American film and television actress Sobieski achieved recognition in her. Leelee sobieski hot bikini from the glass house 2001. In 2001, Sobieski played the lead role in the road horror film Joy Ride with Paul Walker and Steve Zahn.

  2. Where as some say that John Dahl's 'Joy Ride' or 'Road Kill' as it is also known is basically a newer version of Steven Spielberg's 'Duel' combined with 'The Hitcher', I would say that it is more of a movie influenced by both those movies but very different. And the big difference is that 'Joy Ride' is a movie made for a modern.

  3. JoyRide - Spritztour Amazon.de Steve Zahn, Paul Walker, LeeLee Sobieski, Jessica Bowman, Stuart Stone, Basil Wallace, Brian Leckner, Mary Wickliffe, McKenzie Satterthwaite, Dell Yount, Kenneth White, Luis Cortes, Michael McCleery, Jim Beaver, Rachel Singer, Matthew Kimbrough, Marco Beltrami, John Dahl, Terry.

  4. Liliane Rudabet Gloria Elsveta "Leelee" Sobieski is an American former film and television actress. Sobieski achieved recognition in her teens for her. on Earth, for which she received a Teen Choice Award nomination. In 2001, Sobieski played the lead role in the road horror film Joy Ride with Paul Walker and Steve Zahn.

  5. Sep 10, 2013. Forgive the perhaps unwarranted level of enthusiasm, but Joy Ride is out on Blu-ray today, and YIPEE. It's a crackerjack little thriller from eternally underrated director John Dahl, co-written by a young J. J. Abrams, starring Steve Zahn, Leelee Sobieski, and, yes, Paul Walker. Though second-billed behind.

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