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Still, he dressed appropriately for the occasion -- because he let the message on the back of his jacket do the talking when asked if things are serious with Minka.As we reported, he's been hanging out with her in Paris while they work on a video game production.She stands her ground and has this amazing strength in her decisions,” Khloé says.“Kourtney has showed me just how important it is to stand up for yourself above everything else!

Khloé’s not too keen, because she doesn’t understand why Kim just can’t wear a wig, or why she’s trying to be a walking #TBT of her yellow-blonde days of years past.

Kim still found joy with North, who is just now wondering why there’s no baby in her mommy’s belly, even though a new baby is on the way. Scene 5: At Kourtney Kardashian’s Gluten-Free Palace, Kourtney organizes her children’s mini (and many) cars.

Khloé, who’s just a few months pregnant, huffs that she’s “not looking forward” to having so many senseless toys in her home once her new baby arrives.

Both she and Scott wanted to spend more time with one another, so Kris invited him to NYFW.

At lunch, Scott pats himself on the back for waking up sober in NYC for the first time in a decade.


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